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Open WebMail

Open WebMail

Open WebMail is a webmail system based on the Neomail version 1.14 from Ernie Miller. Open WebMail is designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way. It also provides a range of features to help users migrate smoothly from Microsoft Outlook to Open WebMail.

 Awesome Feature...

Open WebMail, together with Appies Spam Filters, create one of the most powerful yet simple-to-use e-mail systems available today!

Mail Administrators

Open WebMail seamlessly integrates with your webserver and all its POP accounts on the server.  There is no need to setup users.  Each POP account owner can just go to http://webmail.[any_of_your_domains_on_the_server] and enter their POP name and password to start getting mail.

 Technical Note...

As long as a) your domain is setup in Appies and b) you are using the main IP address of the server, http://webmail.[domain] will take you right to the application automatically.  It will take about 1 hour from the time you first add the domain for this to work.


a) There is no workaround for this one.  The domain must be setup in your Appies and hosted on the server.

b) If you are NOT using the main IP address of the server, then you will need to use the Appies DNS service to add an "Host (A)" record using the hostname "webmail.[domain]" and forwarding it to the main IP address on the server (if you do not know the main IP, ask BDC).

Users have quite a bit of flexibility for modifying the look of their webmail by choosing one of many templates and icon sets.  For this reason, custom headers and footers are not used.

Here are some facts about the setup and integration of Open WebMail:

  • There is just one copy running on the main account of the server -- there is no need for multiple copies for each hosting account
  • Appies Spam Filters take care of level 1 and level 2 spam BEFORE they reach the POP account, but level 3 spam will be delivered and accessible by Open WebMail.  There is a filter setup by default to send all level 3 potential spam to the spam folder, it just needs to be activated by the user.
  • Since Appies is a full e-mail and web hosting system, some features of Open WebMail such as autoresponders, webdisk, and Spamassasin have been disabled.
  • All mail and folders are stored on the server

Open WebMail is a very user-friendly application.  However, for detailed instructions on all its features, please refer to the online documentation by clicking the "Help" link on the footer of the login screen, or visit 

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