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URLs for Access

URLs for Access

You can access your web server in many ways by changing the uniform resource location (URL) that you type in your browser.  Here are some options you have.

Main URL: http://www.[yourdomain]
Your main URL is what you and those visiting your site will use the majority of the time to access content on your pubic Website.  This URL will only work if you have properly registered/transferred your domain name and it is pointing to your Appies™ server.


A domain name can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate throughout the Internet once a move is initiated. This is because most name servers "cache", or keep in memory, the old IP for 24-72 hours before querying the authoritative source (your new name server) for the updated record.  There is nothing you can do about this except wait.

Temporary URL: http://[username].[server_hostname]
You will always be able to access your site by this URL as long as your site remains on this server.  This is why it is considered temporary. This URL is best used for when your master domain is not yet resolving.

 Be Careful...

Try not to get in the habit of using this URL in any links or HTML documents.  Because one day you may not be on this server any longer and you will find your site no longer works.

Appies™ URL: https://[username].[server_hostname]:82
Your Appies™ URL runs over SSL encryption that ensures your data is safe from "packet sniffers".  Appies™ uses port 82 on the server so it must be called with the ":82" at the end.  This URL takes you into a password protected area that prompts you for your username and password for your Appies™ Administration Area.

 Technical Note...

Your Appies™ program and files uses a Alias configured in the httpd.conf file that forwards those requests to the shared directory /var/appies. The appies.cgi script is a stub file that cannot be edited or removed or your Appies™ will not work.

Shared Secure URL: https://[username].[server_hostname]
This is your secure URL that uses 1024 bit SSL Encryption to transfer Web data from your server to the browser.  This URL points to your main document root just like your Main URL.  If when calling this URL you get a pop up notice from your browser about authenticity of the site, this means that a SSL certificate is not in place yet and you should only use this URL for internal use.  Ask your host provider if they will be offering Certified Shared Secure URLs.

Private Secure URL: https://www.[your_domain]
If your package allows it, you can obtain your own SSL certificate for your master domain.  This certificate must be generated and installed by the server owner, however.  See your host provider's policies/instructions for more details.

Wildcard URL: http://anythinghere.[your_domain]
By default, each domain has a wildcard "A" record that is registered in our DNS servers.  This means that any subdomain can be used before your domain name, providing it contains valid URL characters.  This feature can be enabled and disables in your Manager Domains feature.*

* if you are the server owner, be sure to disable the wildcard feature for your server hostname, otherwise all users temporary domains will default to your own.

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