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Stats Options

Stats Options

To many people, website statistics are a crucial part of hosting.  Statistics allow designers and marketers to determine the success of their website.  It helps the people involved in a websites creation make more informed decisions.

 Awesome Feature...

Appies stats are very detailed.  This feature is completely integrated in Appies and does not require any laborious daily downloads.

There are actually many ways to receive this information.  Some ways work better for some people.  Appies stats allow users to customize the way they receive stat reports.  Some of these options are:

  • do not create reports at all
  • delete all reports associated with domain
  • delete all reports associated with domain over 1 year old
  • send stat reports via e-mail
  • send in plain text or html format
  • change the e-mail address where the stat reports are sent
  • e-mail daily reports and/or weekly reports and/or monthly reports
  • exclude file types from most accessed files
  • identify homepage
  • exclude files from stat reports

Options Explained.  Here are the options explained in detail.


All log files and stats file do count as part of your server's allowed disk space.  The more traffic your site gets, the larger these files will become.

  • turn stats on or off for this domain - If this option is checked, NO stat reports will be created or e-mailed for this domain.  Information will still be logged in the domain's access_log file.  This is required for security and data usage.
  • purging options - Every day, if you have stats turned on for the domain, an HTML stat file is created.  Every week, a weekly HTML file is created.  Every month a monthly HTML file is created.  These files can range from about 50k to 200k (size) per file.  These files are stored in your /logs folder.  Your daily reports are automatically purged after 30 days, but your weekly and monthly reports are never purged.  In order to conserve space on your server, you can purge all your stat reports on a regular basis, or just get rid of the ones over one year old.
  • e-mail options - Stat reports are created whether you choose this option or not--they are just only stored on your server and must be viewed through Appies.  You can choose to have a copy of these reports sent to you.  Check the reports you want sent via e-mail and enter a valid e-mail address.
  • exclude the following file types from "Most Accessed File" report - The odds are, you do not want your images showing as most accessed files.  You are more concerned with actual web pages.  You can list the file types you would like to exclude here.  By default .jpg .gif and .css are entered.  To enter more, just separate by a single space.
  • the relative path to your homepage (ex: /index.html) - The stat reports show much useful information, including the accesses to "your homepage".  These days, a homepage can be one of many files, so you can enter the exact name of your homepage here.
  • exclude the following files from stat reports (enter file/path as shown on report, one per line) - For any files you do not want appearing in your stat report, enter them here.

Once you click the "process" button, the settings are saved and will be reflected on your next stat report.


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