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Appies SiteShare

Appies SiteShare

Have you ever been to a Website that you just loved and knew some people that would love it too? The Appies SiteShare is a very simple application that creates HTML code that you can cut and paste on any of your web pages.  This code contains a form that asks for both a "Friend's e-mail address" and "Your (visitor's) email address".  When a visitor enters two addresses and clicks the "Send" button, an HTML ad that you create is sent via e-mail to the "Friend's" e-mail address.

 Marketing Idea...

There is no better way of getting business than a personal reference.  The Appies SiteShare sends the HTML ad using the Visitor's e-mail address so the Friend know that it was sent from a familiar e-mail address and it is not a "SPAM".

Creating the HTML form code. Start by visiting "Applications" >> "Site Share". You will notice that code has already been entered - this creates the default SiteShare bar that is shown on the page.  You do not have to edit this but you most likely will want to at least change the colors to match your site.  This is done by editing the HTML code directly in the text area that reads "Current Site Share Code".

 Helpful Hint...

As a "free form" text field, you can modify the HTML code to meet your exact needs.  This can include different table dimensions, sizes, images, etc.  No need to stick with the basics!

Creating the return HTML page (ad). The ad that the recipient receives via email is nothing more than an HTML page sent by e-mail. A very basic ad is provided for you where you can just change a bit of text to customize the ad for your business. 

IMPORTANT: make sure that all images called are called using full URLs. Images are not sent via this e-mail, rather just called from the e-mail.

 Awesome Feature...

You can have an unlimited number of messages that are sent.  Just assign each ad a new file name (any legal filename - no spaces) and be sure to reference the filename in your SiteShare code under the field "page". So for example, you can have one site share on each of your HTML pages in your site that sends the recipient information on that specific page.

To delete any SiteShare file, just check the "Delete this Mail File" checkbox when the ad copy is selected from the pull down menu and click "update code".


You need to copy the SiteShare code in your HTML page that you wish to use for it to work.


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