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Appies Site Map Creator

Appies Site Map Creator

Appies site map creator is a useful tool for building and easily maintaining a site map on the fly. This site map is coded for spiders and robots to use as well as humans. Increase traffic to your site and build a site map! This tool can also be used as a generic "links" page.
Creating Your Site Map.  Visit your Appies Applications >> Site Map Creator. Set your information in the "General Preferences" section and click the "update general preferences" button and your site map will be created.
From here, you will want to add both folders and files to your site map.  A folder is considered to be a general category, where files are the specific pages or links that belong under the categories.  This is for organizational purposes.  By default, the first folder is created for you.  This folder is your site domain.  You can change this, or keep it as is.
Adding Folders and Files To Your Site Map.  You can add folders or files anywhere in your site map.  Locate the folder or file where you want your new folder or file to appear under.  Click the  icon to add a new folder or click the  icon to add a new file.  New form fields will appear and you can add enter your information.  Then click the "update site map" button.

 Helpful Hint...

The indent field allows you to visually organize your site map to make it easy for users to locate what they are looking for.

Deleting Folders or Files.  Simply click the  icon associated with the folder or file you wish to delete from your site map.

 Technical Note...

If you ever need to change the order of some entries, and you do not want to delete and recreate the entries, you can edit the site map text file directly and change the order.  This file is linked in the Appies Site Map Creator or you can find it at

/var/www/ ->


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