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RealServer Content Manager

RealServer Content Manager

The RealServer is an application for serving multi-media content encoded for streaming via the RealServer.  This is just one of the many ways to stream multi-media files over the Internet.  Appies provides a friendly user interface to do this.

 Technical Note...

Multi-media files are generally large.  "Streaming" is a term used when users can watch/listen to the files as they are downloading and do not have to wait for the complete file to download.


Since the resources of the RealServer are limited, it is suggested that you take advantage of other streaming technologies, such as Windows Streaming Media files and/or streaming MP3 through Quicktime.

Creating Your Content.  You can use one of the many tools provided by to convert your multi-media files to real format.  Full information is available at

Upload New Content. You can upload up to 5 files at a time using the upload feature.  Uploads are recommended for smaller files will take less than a few minutes to upload (this size can vary depending on your Internet connection.

Copy Files From Your Server.  If your files are large, you can FTP them to your server using an FTP client, then copy them to the server's special RealContent folder using this area.  Just specify the absolute path of the file that has been uploaded to your server.

Your Existing Content.  All files will be displayed in this section.  These are your existing files that have previously been uploaded and/or copied.

Playing Your Files.  To serve your files, you just need to link to one of the following URLs:



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