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Appies Pop Under Manager

Appies Pop Under Manager

Pop under ads are one of the most cost effective means of internet marketing today.  Pop under ads are those sometimes "annoying" windows that seem to magically appear on your desktop after closing some windows. There is actually nothing magical about them... they are simply windows called by a Web page that is visited and set to go behind current open windows, so users do not automatically close the window.

With the Appies Pop Under Manager, you can create an unlimited number of pop under ads and a number of campaigns based on which hosting package you have. Here are some of the features:

  • each campaign can randomly rotate an unlimited number of pop under ads
  • Pop Under Manager tracks and provides complete graphical stats for the following
    • impressions per ad
    • click throughs per ad
    • URLs visited through clicks
    • average cost per impression
    • average cost per click through
  • stat reports can be customized with a header and footer file
  • javascript pop under code automatically generated for each campaign
  • easily manage your campaigns by adding and removing ads in each campaign

 Marketing Idea...

There are many companies on the Internet that can offer you guaranteed traffic by using pop under ads.  These companies charge anywhere from .50 - $6.00 per thousand unique impressions.  The higher priced ones MAY be worth it only if the results out perform the lower priced campaigns.  Be sure to monitor the results of each campaign and stick with what works!

Creating POP Under HTML Ads. The first step is to create the ads your Pop unders will be serving. These ads must be html pages.  Javascript can be used in these ads, but server side includes cannot. The ads can be created locally (on your local PC) then uploaded using the upload field: click the "Browse" button and select the ad from your local file system, then click the  icon.  You will then be able to use this ad in any of your campaigns.

 Awesome Feature...

How does the Pop Under Manager track click throughs? You can create your ads linking to what ever URLs you desire.  The script will read in your ad and replace all of your links with a special link that calls the pop under script first, logs the click, then forwards the request to the original URL.

When creating pop under ads, make sure all URLs linked in the html are in quotes

<a href => = BAD
<a href = ""> = GOOD

Otherwise, the pop under script will not properly register clicks.

If you would rather just use URLs to existing Web pages on the Internet, you can do that.  You would not need to upload any ads in this case, you would just need to specify the URLs while creating a new campaign (see below).

 Technical Note...

If you are using full URLs instead of using uploaded campaigns, click throughs will not be tracked.  Only impressions can be tracked for URL ads.  This is because full URLs are not read in by the program and manipulated, they are left untouched and simply forwarded to.

Creating a New Campaign. After your ads have been created and uploaded, it is time to create a campaign. A campaign is a single promotion that has it's own tracking and stats.  A campaign can have multiple ads that rotate randomly.  Click the "Create New Pop Under Campaign" link at the top of the page to create a new campaign. When the screen refreshes, you can start entering your information for this campaign.

  • select pop under ads to use - This is a multiple select area where you can select one or more ads that were previously uploaded.  Hold the control key to select more than one or use the shift key to select consecutive files.
  • campaign description / notes - This is to help you identify this campaign.  Enter information such as target audience, vendor, pages launched from, dates running, etc.
    enter the full urls of any web pages you wish to use as pop unders - Enter full urls rather than uploading pop unders is often easier due to having to change the HTML paths. However click through information will NOT be recorded for non uploaded pop unders.
  • stat page header (absolute path) - If you choose to customize the header for the stat page, enter the absolute path here. This file must reside in your webspace.
  • stat page footer (absolute path) - If you choose to customize the footer for the stat page, enter the absolute path here. This file must reside in your webspace.
  • cost of campaign - If a cost is associated with this campaign, enter it here.  This will allow the stat reports to show the cost per impression and click.

 Marketing Idea...

If you are virtually hosting other customers, this is a great service to setup for your customers!

Once the information is entered, click the "process" button to create the campaign.

Making Your New Campaign Live. Depending on if you are serving these pop unders yourself, or paying to have a third party service do it for you, follow the appropriate instructions below.

Serving your own pop unders
If you are launching this campaign from web pages that you control, you need to add javascript code to the HTML page where you want the ad launched from. Do this by clicking the  icon for the campaign you wish to activate. In the last text area you will see the code that you then cut and paste into your Web page.  There is no need to modify this code.

Having a 3rd party serve your pop unders
You just need to provide the vendor with the URL to your pop under campaign as listed under "Existing Pop Under Campaigns". If you do not see this listing, click "Pop Under Manager" from the main menu on the left of the screen.

Editing Your Campaign. It is easy to change what ads your campaign is serving at any time by clicking the edit icon for the campaign you wish to edit, then selecting the ads you wish to have served.  If you wish to delete your campaign, check the "delete" checkbox before the process button.  All changes take effect immediately.

Monitoring Your Campaign. Each campaign has it's own stat report URL. This URL is shown on the listing of all the campaigns. This will show up to the second information on the campaign.

 Technical Note...

Preventing fraud / mistakes. The script has a built in "fraud" protector that logs the remote address of the last client to view and/or click the pop under.  The script will NOT allow logging of two or more consecutive impressions or clicks.  This is why no matter how many times you visit your own ads, you may not see any change in the stats.


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