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POP Accounts

POP Accounts

POP accounts are files that physically reside on the server which store messages sent via e-mail.  POP accounts are considered the final destination in the world of e-mail.  Your POP account tool is located at "Email_Management" >> "POP Accounts".

Creating a New POP Account. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a POP account username.  This username must be unique on the server, i.e. no other user on the server can be using this name as a master username, POP account or list account.  If they are in use by another, you will get an error when trying to create the POP.

Step 2:  Choose a domain you would like to use for this POP.  Although POP accounts technically are accounts on the server and do not have domains associated with them by default, choosing a domain here saves a step and creates a default alias for you (which is shown as a hidden alias).

Step 3: Enter the POP owner's real name. Can also be a description of what the POP account is used for.

Step 4: Enter a POP account password. Use any password that does not contain spaces and is at least 6 characters long.

Step 5: Click the "update pops" button or the add icon.

New POP accounts are setup instantly and can be tested by sending e-mail to one of the aliases listed under the "Aliases to POP" column for that POP account.


Each POP account is setup with an alias.  This alias cannot be edited in your Aliases lists because it is the main alias used for the POP account.

Editing POP Accounts. Click the edit icon associated with the POP account and the data will be available in edit mode for the POP.  The password will always be hidden since it does not exist anywhere on the server in plain text.  So if you or a user forgets the password to a POP account, you can only change it or reset it. If you choose to delete a POP account, all aliases forwarding to that POP account will be removed as well.

 Technical Note...

Like list accounts, POP accounts must have a unique name and cannot already exist on the server.  If the POP name that you choose does exist, simply choose another POP name that is more unique and create an alias that forwards to the POP.


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