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Password Administrator

Password Administrator

Your server has many different passwords. For simplicity, most users choose just one password for all the protected areas, however, it is possible and better for security to use several different passwords. Passwords are not kept anywhere on this server in plain text so you must remember your passwords or write them down. If you forget any passwords but still have access to this area, you can always reset any password. All password changes take immediate effect.
 Helpful Hint...

Here is the general rule on passwords:

  • they should be at least eight (8) characters in length
  • contain both numbers and letters. It is a good idea to use both upper and lowercase letters.
  • Also a good idea to throw some odd characters in there like !@#%&.
  • Passwords should not contain any spaces nor should they be a dictionary word or name.

Changing or Resetting a Password.  If you want to change a password, you can use the "suggest new password" button to come up with a secure password for you, or simply enter your own password in the text area.  Then, check the areas for which you want to set the password.  Once done, click the "process" button.

 Be Careful...

Never send passwords via e-mail, instant message, or by any other electronic, non-secure means.  "Sniffers" pick up data packets and look for passwords.


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