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OSCommerce Secure Shopping Cart Setup

OSCommerce Secure Shopping Cart Setup

OSCommerce is a very powerful and robust PHP based e-commerce solution.  This is an open source application, meaning it is one of the few applications not developed in-house and one we provide limited support on.  This application has been integrated with Appies to provide our customers with simple and instant installation of shopping cart script.


OSCommerce is an open source application with full information maintained at their site This document includes information specific to Appies only. Full documentation for OSCommerce is available at

Installing Your Store. Before you install your shopping cart, you must first have MySQL installed. Then, click "Applications" >> "OSCommerce".  If you have not already installed this application through Appies, it will display a checkbox with "Install OSCommerce". Check the box and click "process" (how is that for simple installation?).

 Technical Note...

The installation of OSCommerce creates a new database for you called "farley-osc".  This is to ensure the generic files names used by OSCommerce do not interfere with any existing tables you may already have.  This database shares the same password as your main MySQL database.

Protecting Your Admin Area. Before you can use your admin area to OSCommerce, you must use the Appies tool to password protect this area.  This not only password protects the area but also adds the PHP specific directives so that the admin area can be viewed. Click the link that reads "Password Protect the Admin Area" and follow the instructions for protecting an area.

Visiting Your Store. One installed, the links to both your Admin area and store will be shown in place of the install checkbox.  These links will take you to your store.

Customizing / Designing / Setting Up Your Store. Like any powerful application, there are many configurable features which often makes things difficult. You are not alone.  OSCommerce has a great support community that can assist with just about any questions you may have.  In addition, our technnical staff can assist with the following pay (credits) services:

  • Store Setup - Our technical staff can assist you in setting up your store with your products and custom information, including shipping schedules and payment modules.
  • Custom Modifications - Do you want a reseller program added to your store? How about integration with another payment processor? Whatever it is do not hesitate to ask.  Our programmers can do just about anything ;)
  • Store Design - Let our technical staff help you make your store look professional with custom graphics and a professional overall look.

Use your ticket system link to request any of these services and provide us with as much detail as possible.


Our technical provides free support for the installation of OSCommerce  and any issues relating to the installation via the Appies interface only.  For information on how to use the cart visit


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