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List Accounts

List Accounts

List account are used as a single e-mail address that can forward to one or more e-mail addresses.  List accounts are ideal for

  • maintaining a centralized staff list or group where all users in that group have access to sending e-mail to the list
  • creating an alias that forwards to two or more e-mail accounts for redundancy
  • discussion e-mail lists that hide the recipient's individual addresses from other members of the list

List accounts are not ideal nor recommend for

  • spamming
  • creating an exceptionally large list of over 500 recipients (use Mailman)
  • a private list where you do not want users to be able to have send access to the list (use Mailman)


Mailman, standard on most Appies accounts, is just another type of more sophisticated list managment tool.  If these basic list accounts do not meet your needs, the chances are, Mailman will.

Your list account tool can be found at "Email_Management" >> "List Accounts" in your Appies™ Web Site Manager.

Creating a New List. Enter the list address name (create one) containing no spaces, then choose the domain from the pulldown menu that you plan to use.  This creates an alias automatically for you that is hidden from the aliases lists (see chapter on Aliases). Now enter the list member's fully qualified e-mail addresses in the textarea below. The format is one e-mail address per line. Once complete, click the "update lists" button or the add icon, and the changes will instantly take effect.

 Helpful Hint...

At times the list name you choose may not be available on the server. This means that another customer on the server is already using that name.  List names are required to be unique, just like POP accounts.  However, you can still have the exact name of your choice just by setting up an alias to the list.

To set up an alias, create the exact name you wish to use in your aliases tool and forward that alias to the list account name you have chosen.  For example, if you wanted to use "webmaster" as your list name but it was already taken, you may choose something like "webmaster-farley".  You then create an alias like
webmaster@[yourdomain] webmaster-farley@[yourdomain] 

This will have the same exact effect as if you were to use the listname "webmaster".

Editing / Deleting a List. Click the edit icon associated with the list you wish to edit.  This will bring up the list in editing format where you can modify member's of the list. To delete the list, click the delete icon. Once you are complete editing the list, click the "update lists" button or the larger edit icon. Changes take effect immediately.


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