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HTML Creator

HTML Creator

The HTML creator is a very helpful javascript based application that eliminates the need to learn HTML to create great looking Web pages.  It is a basic web editor, similar to many of those on the market today with one major exception - it is completely web based and is integrated with your server!

 Technical Note...

This tool only works with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above on Windows platforms. Some releases of IE have a bug where you will get a "download nonsecure items" pop up window. If you get this, either ignore the message or update your browser with the latest service pack. There are no nonsecure items being downloaded and this message is harmless, if not just annoying.

Uses. The HTML Creator can be used for creating new HTML pages online, or editing existing HTML pages on your Website. This does not save content on your local PC.

Creating a New Webpage. By default, when clicking on "File Management" >> "HTML Creator", you are ready to create a new webpage. Simply start entering content in the text area and select the above buttons for formatting.  When you are ready to save your file, enter the path and file name of your new webpage in the text field below and click process.

  • Optional header file.  Since web-based editors do not handle advanced tags and header tags all that well, and since duplication of header and menu information is not wise for each page, creating a header file that contains information that will be on each page is very helpful.  You must already have the header file created and/or uploaded to your server.  Enter the file's path relative to you html folder.  For example, if you place the file in your html folder, then simply enter the filename with no slashes (path info).
  • Optional footer file.  All the same as the header file, just that the footer file appears after the custom HTML code.
  • Local images used.  You can enter the full URL of any image on the web in your designs.  This includes any image curently on your server.  The local images tool just makes it easy to upload and add images to your web page and server by using the upload feature and by clicking the paste icon.  If you no longer want the image on your server and you are not using it in any of your web pages, you can click the delete icon associated with the image, and the image will be removed from the server.

Editing an Existing Webpage. Click the delete icon at the top of the page. You will be prompted for the full URL of the webpage you will be editing.  Either enter the path in the first box or select a file from your last edited history and click the "edit page" button.  The screen will refresh with your page inserted.

 Awesome Feature...

Instant edit URL!  Once your create a webpage you will be given an instant edit URL.  By entering this URL in your browser you can instantly edit the webpage at any time.  This makes web administration easy!

 Technical Note...

This editor is great for basic HTML formatting, however, if your pages contain advanced HTML tags, or those not supported by this tool, they will may either be kept intact or removed, depending on the tag.

Full Window View. To get a more visually accurate picture of what your webpage will look like, use the full page icon at the top of the page to remove the Appies menu from the left hand side.  You can restore the menu at any time by clicking  the  icon.

Web Page Preview.  Once your web page has been created, you can click the view on web at any time to view your web page in a new window.


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