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File System

File System

A file system is the organization of files and folders within your website. It is important to understand where certain files go and why.  Most important, is just understanding that the place to put all of your public html documents are in your "html" folder.  This is considered your base html folder.

Each folder including your base html folder and all folders above your base html folder must have what is called an index file, or by default complete listing of the directory contents will be displayed.  Your index file is case sensitive and must be named one of the following:

  • index.html
  • index.htm
  • index.shtml
  • index.php
  • index.php4
  • index.php3
  • index.phtml
  • index.cgi

The index file will be displayed when the directly is called without a file name.  So for example, instead of having users visit http://www.[your_domain]/index.html you can just have them visit http://www.[your_domain] and the same home page would be displayed.

 Technical Note...

If you happen to have more than one of the above files in the same folder, the file first in the list above will take precedence as the index file.

Types of files. In the UNIX world, all data on the server is considered a "file".  It is the type of file that can change.  Here are some of the more commonly used file types on this system.

  • regular file. Either a text or binary file.
  • folder. Also known as a "directory", a folder organizes regular files and content.
  • symbolic link. A UNIX alias from one folder to another somewhere else on the system.
  • hard link. A UNIX alias from one regular file to another regular file somewhere else on the system.
  • Apache alias. A web server alias from one folder to another somewhere else on the system.
Your file structure. Here is the basic layout of a server with cgi-bin access at the time it is setup.  Remember that yours may not be exactly the same due to package differences.

  /var/www/public_html/[username] OR /var/www (master user)

 auth - secure files or custom setting go in this folder 
autoreply - files realting to autoresponders 
cgi-bin - scripts and programs 
errors - custom error message 
 html - base html directory where public web files go
 appies - special folder for the Appies™ Web Host Manager for private Appies™ files and applications
 private - custom Appies settings 
siteshare - custom siteshare files
appiesnet - special folder for the Appies™ Web Host Manager for public Appies™ files and applications

 logs - web server log files 
pop - e-mail config files 
virtualhosts - virtually hosted accounts


 Be Careful...

Do not modify or delete any files if are you are not 100% sure what they are there for.  Modifying or removing Appies™ files can cause the program to stop working. Restoration of system files is a fee-based service.


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