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Discussion Board System

Discussion Board System

A discussion board system (aka bulletin board system) is an interactive application that allows users to post messages and communicate with each other or with the staff of a business. Appies uses phpBB - a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable open source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ.  Your Appies Interface makes installation a snap and takes only seconds.


phpBB is an open source application not developed by offers limited support on this application.  Full information on phpBB can be found at
Full documentation can be found at

Installing Your Discussion Board System. Before you install this application, you must first have MySQL installed. Then, click "Applications" >> "Discussion Boards".  If you have not already installed this application through Appies, it will display a checkbox with "Install Discussion Board System". Check the box and click "process" (how is that for simple installation?).

 Technical Note...

The installation of phpBB creates a new database for you called "farley-phpbb".  This is to ensure the generic files names used by phpBB do not interfere with any existing tables you may already have.  This database shares the same password as your main MySQL database.

Visiting Your Discussion Board System. One installed, the links to both your Admin area and user area will be shown in place of the install checkbox.  These links will take you to your application.

Using a Custom Header and Footer. By default, this board is installed with the PHPbb logo and due to the nature of the script and template files, is very difficult to get rid of--without Appies.  Once you install your board script, you will be give the option to include a header file and/or footer file.  To get rid of the PHPbb logo, you simply need to hit the "process" button (header and footer files optional) and the logo will be removed.  If you are adding a header or a footer, include the absolute path of the file that is in or above the /html folder (ex. /var/www/html/header.html). If the files do not exist, they will not be included so make sure they are created first.

You can now elect to have the memberlist link and grouplist link hidden from the page.  Some consider this to be a privacy issue and would rather not give others access to this information.

 Technical Note...

You can further customize the look of your board by using different style templates found on the site.  If you upload one of these templates to your /templates folder and you are using the custom header or footer, you must go back into your Appies WSM discussion board tool and click the "process" button again.  This will modify the files in the new template to display your header and footer.

Customizing / Designing / Setting Up Your Discussion Board System. Like any powerful application, there are many configurable features which often makes things difficult. You are not alone.  phpBB has a great support community that can assist with just about any questions you may have.  In addition, can assist with the following pay (credits) services: 

  • Board System Setup / Design - Our Tech group can assist you in setting up your discussion board system including creating/implementing custom color and style themes, creating custom headers, etc.
  • Custom Modifications - Would you like your discussion boards to use your existing user database? How about new features added?  Let us know... if you can imagine it, chances are we can implement it.

Use your ticket system link to request any of these services and provide us with as much detail as possible.


Our Technical group provides free support for the installation of phpBB and any issues relating to the installation via the Appies interface only.  For information on how to use the application visit

E-mail Post Notification System.  For some strange reason, PHPbb does not have a e-mail notification system built in for all posts on all boards or any given boards--just e-mail notification of posts which you are "watching".  So we have built in our own version of an e-mail notification system where any e-mail address can be notified any time a reply or new post is made to any or all of your boards.  Simply enter your e-mail address in the appropriate area within the Appies configuration area (not PHPbb).

 Helpful Hint...

If you want multiple users to be notified, as in multiple moderators or administrators, simply create a list account and use the list account address as the address where notifications are sent.

Upgrading From a Previous Version.  When Appies is configured with a new release of the software, you will see the upgrade icon upgrade in Appies, along with an upgrade notice.

  1. click the upgrade icon once, and wait moment
  2. click the "process" button at the bottom of the page to add in your headers and footers.


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