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Appies™ will never be "finished".  It will be in ongoing development to continually be better than any other solution available.  There are no formal development teams or scheduled releases. We don't stick a group of "marketing experts" and "technical experts" in a room and let them build your software. Appies™ is software that is built from ideas and needs of users, like you. Through our ticket system, users send in their "wish lists" or ideas for new applications and software.  Each idea is evaluated for its universal appeal and sometimes immediately implement. As a graphic designer, programmer, and marketing person, I take pride in the ongoing development of Appies™.

 Small Companies Rule...

Sometimes I take for granted how great it is to work in a company where there is no "Red Tape" or no need to get six manager's signatures and have countless meetings before something can get done. It is a great thing to implement a great idea right away before it gets shot down by the Vice President of pencil sharpening.

Development team. just about everyone who has used Appies.

Update schedule. Usually several times per week, but at least a few times per month. 

Latest versions. Every server running Appies is connected to our central server via SSH (secure connection).  Updates are "pushed" to each server.  Users or server owners never have to do anything to get updates.


There is no more development for Appies™ on our older RedHat servers. Development continues for Appies™ 2 on all Fedora servers.

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