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Company Directory

Company Directory

The Internet is impersonal by design.  This is why businesses and organizations need to do what they can to bring the human element into their website.  The Appies Company Directory does just that.
The Appies Company Directory is an on-line directory that can display public information of any group: employees, executives, students, faculty, movie stars, etc.  The Appies Company Directory makes it easy to setup an attractive and interactive directory in just minutes.  And maintaining the information is just as easy!
 Marketing Idea...

Photos of salespeople have been proven to increase an organizations sales.  Experts suggest there is a higher level of trust when a prospect knows "sees" the salesperson.

  • customized look through custom header and footer files
  • unlimited members
  • upload photos of members
  • customize the order of members
  • click members for detailed information
  • setup in just minutes

Creating Your Company Directory (admin area).  Begin by customizing your general preferences for your new company directory.

  • The number of photos to place on the page per row.  You will want to adjust this depending on the size of your photos, and the width of your page.  You can always change this at any time.
  • Light background cell color of staff members name and title.  This is for design purposes.  This color should go well with your website.  If in doubt, leave it as light gray (#eeeeee).
  • Company directory header file (absolute path).  Header and footer files can be added.  The header is the file that contains the HTML code that comes before the directory.  This is not required.
  • Company directory footer file (absolute path).  The footer is the file that contains the HTML code that comes after the directory.  This is not required.
  • Select the font face to use.  Chose the font that works best with your website.
  • HTML / text to add above the directory listing page.  This will be added directly above the listing of all the members of your company directory.


You can change these settings at any time.  This allows you to experiment and get the exact look and feel you desire!

Once you have set your general preferences, it is time to add members.  Scroll down to where it reads "New Staff Member" in the Appies admin area.  Enter the information you want for each member.  At minimum, you must enter a first name and a last name, all other information is optional.  When you are done, click the "add staff member" button.

 Technical Note...

By default, all members will be ordered alphabetically by lastname then firstname.  However, if you have members that you would like to display first, such as officers, you can assign them numbers 1 through any number.  The order number will take precedence, then those without numbers will be listed after alphabetically.

Using Your Company Directory.  Your company directory is a public URL that the world can access.  The URL is linked to the  icon at the top of the admin area.  This icon and link will only appear after your general preferences are set or after the first member is added.

Capture more sales and enhance your organization's image today by implementing the Appies Company Directory.

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