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Appies™ Banner Manager

Appies™ Banner Manager

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The Appies™ Banner Manager is a tool for managing banner or any image-based ad campaigns. Banners are a great way to promote business and increase traffic to any URL. With the Appies™ Banner Manager and some good banners, you can be well on your way to increased traffic or brand awareness!

With the Appies™ Banner Manager, you can create an unlimited number of ads and a number of campaigns based on which hosting package you have. Here are some of the features:

  • use one line of simple HTML on any of your Web pages to insert the rotating banner
  • works with subdomains and virtual hosts
  • randomly rotate an unlimited number of banners each with the same or unique URLs
  • banners can be any size
  • the Appies™ Banner Manager tracks and graphically displays details on
    • impressions per banner
    • clicks per banner
    • the URLs where the banners were clicked from
    • the URLs where those who click on the banners are taken
  • stat reports can be customized with a header and footer file
  • SSI insert code automatically generated for each campaign
  • easily manage your campaigns by adding and removing banners in each campaign

 Marketing Idea...

If you use virtual hosts, this is a great tool to add to each of your customer's web pages! This application was created to run anywhere within your webspace including the vitualhosts directories.

Uploading Banners. All banners used must be first uploaded via the banner manager.  Use the "Browse" button to find the banner on your local PC, then click the  icon to upload the file.  Once uploaded, the banner will be available to use in any of the campaigns.  If the banner is removed from the available banners but still in one or more of the campaigns, the banner name will appear in a faded gray color when listed under "Existing Banner Campaigns".

Create a New Banner Campaign. Click the  icon at the top of the screen or click "Create New Banner Campaign". Under the "Create New Banner Campaign" section, begin by entering the URLs for the banners you wish to use in your campaign.  If a banner is listed that you do not want to include, simply do not enter any URLs for that banner and the banner will not be included in the campaign.

 Technical Note...

If you have more than one banner in a campaign, the banners will be rotated randomly in the campaign.  This means that it is possible to click and get the same banner several times in a row, but over the long run it will all average out... just like tossing a coin.

  • campaign description / notes - This is to help you identify this campaign.  Enter information such as target audience, dates running, etc.
  • stat page header (absolute path) - If you choose to customize the header for the stat page, enter the absolute path here. This file must reside in your webspace.
  • stat page footer (absolute path) - If you choose to customize the footer for the stat page, enter the absolute path here. This file must reside in your webspace.
  • cost of campaign - If a cost is associated with this campaign, enter it here.  This will allow the stat reports to show the cost per impression and click.
To complete the creation of a new campaign, click the "process" button.

Editing an Existing Campaign. At any time you can edit/update the notes for any campaign remove or add banners to a campaign, or change the URL that the banners link to.  This is done by clicking the edit icon to the right of the campaign ID in the "Existing Banner Campaign" listing.  The campaign will come up in edit mode and you can then make your changes and click "process" when done.  All changes take place immediately.

Implementing Your Campaign. The Appies Banner Manager uses server side includes (SSI) to call the script and display the banners. This is one line of HTML code that can be inserted in any HTML page on your server.  The code should be inserted where you want the banner to be displayed on the page.

The SSI code for each campaign can be copied under the "Existing Banner Campaign" section, then "HTML to insert into Web page(s)". Note that the code is different for each campaign.

 Helpful Hint...

To quickly add this code to your Web pages, use your Appies file manager's edit feature to edit your Web pages and paste the code.

 Technical Note...

Server side includes do not work in cgi scripts or other special files that are not parsed - for example files with a ".txt" or other non Web page extension.


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