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Appies KB Manager

Appies KB Manager

The Appies Knowledge Base is a very powerful "learning" application that replaces the standard static FAQs. An Appies KB can be setup in seconds and can also be customized to use the exact colors and images you desire.  All setup for the Appies KB Manager and other Appies applications are completely web based and do not require any knowledge of programming or even the editing of a text file.  Your Appies KB Manager can be found in your Appies menu by clicking "Applications" >> "Appies KB Manager".


This is a MySQL application that requires MySQL to be setup on your server.  If you have not done so already, visit "MySQL" >> "Activate MySQL", check "Enable MySQL", choose a password then click "process". Once that is done, come back to the Appies KB Manager and proceed.

User vs. Admin Interfaces. There are two interfaces to the Appies KB (well, three if you count the Appies KB Manager).  There is the user interface which is the public interface for searching and reading only, then the admin interface for entering/editing data and populating the KB.

The user interface for each Appies KB exists in the public folder

/appiesnet/appieskb/[kb name]

while the admin interface exists in one folder up called "admin"

/appiesnet/appieskb/[kb name]/admin

By default, the admin directory is NOT password protected. To make it private, use your "Security" >> "Password Protect Folders" to protect the folder or simply click the  icon under "Existing Appies Knowledge Bases" after the KB has been created.

Creating a new KB. Begin by clicking the  icon or the "Create New Appies Knowledge Base" link at the top of the page. At the very minimum, just enter a description of the KB you are creating, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "process".  You have just created your first Appies KB!

As mentioned before, you can customize the entire look of each your Appies KB's by using custom headers and footers, colors and images.

 Awesome Feature...

Depending on your package, you can create a number of KBs, each designed for a special purpose.  Each KB can be customized to its own look.

Editing an Existing KB. Click the  icon associated with the KB you wish to edit.  This will pull up the data in edit mode where you can change any of the fields.  Clicking "process" will save the changes.

 Technical Note...

If you are changing images, you may need to hit your "F5" key (forced refresh) to reload the images to see your new images since they use the same filename.  To be sure you are using the last image uploaded/chosen, clear your Web cache on your browser.

The Admin interface. Once you have your Appies KB looking the way you want it to, you are ready add your FAQs/Q&As to it.  Do this using the admin interface.  Each Appies KB has it's own admin interface.  The URL for these are

http:///appiesnet/appieskb/[KB ID]/admin

the KB ID being the ID of the knowledge base created. This ID is available in the list of existing KBs as is links directly to both the user and admin interfaces.

Adding questions and answers. In the Admin area under "Add to Knowledge Base" enter the question under "Question". "Keywords" can be anything that is not in the question or answer, that a user may enter looking for the answer. "Category" is a way to organize your Q&As.  You can have as many categories and subcategories as you wish, just keep in mind that more isn't always better.  The "Top" checkbox will list the Q&A in the "Top Questions" category as well as your chosen category. The "Answer" can can be any length entered in plain text or HTML.  If you use HTML, be sure to check the "HTML code in answer" checkbox so the HTML is viewed as HTML.  If you copy and paste, the "Ignore return characters" will clean up the formatting of your entries. Click "Add to Knowledge Base" to save your entry.

 Awesome Feature...

Next to the "Add to Knowledge Base" title you will see a link called "unanswered questions".  These are question entered by users that did not pull up any successful results.  This is a great way to create the Q&A based on the needs of those using it.

Editing questions and answers. Browse the category for the Q&A you want to edit.  Click the edit icon associated with the question.  The Q&A will then be inserted in the edit fields where you can make any changes you need.



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